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The Journal of Mindful Nature

Creative journeys   Transformative stories

Welcome to

The Journal of Mindful Nature

I have created this space as a place to share my ongoing creative exploration in search of the beauty of the natural world around me.

Along the way I will also share what I have come to understand about what it means to engage mindfully and meaningfully with nature, a lifelong quest of mine, guided by the ancient indigenous cultures who did not see a separation between themselves and the world in which they lived.

My journey, however, has been difficult because of how separate our worlds have become, and we find ourselves living in a culture that seems to have forgotten the way back into our wider world of belonging. This is the pathway that I have been exploring.

This blog is a real time feed, where each artwork and story is posted upon its completion. The Journal of Mindful Nature Digital Edition is a comprehensive publication of the artworks, stories, essays and photographs, and is released quarterly

Take a seat, and let's go on a journey together...

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