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#39 Crisp and clear – Bokmakierie

Bokmakierie (710mm x 890mm acrylic on canvas)

Bokmakierie (710mm x 890mm acrylic on canvas)

A misty dawn, the earth’s breath softening the first of the light and bringing the world in close, silhouettes of trees give structure as I wander into the nothingness, a gentle blending of forms slowly reveal themselves, a spider’s web captures the moisture rather than prey, and lichens feast on the abundance. Even the sounds of the new day are dampened by the clinging moisture till a lone bokmakierie calls, crisp and clear, a contrast which plays itself out as the sun warms the earth and the mists give way to sweeping landscapes. Dawn has ended and the day has begun, but the call of the bokmakierie stays with me as I follow the pathways of game crossing this endless plain.

The 52Artworks year has just passed the three-quarters point, a significant milestone as I start to look towards the end of the journey, one which began alone but which now is shared with many people, a community of travellers engaging in nature and bearing witness to the world. Thanks for being a part of this.

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