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#26 Into the Night

Into the Night (890mm x 710mm acrylic on stretched canvas)

It’s Tuesday afternoon, the sun is slowly sliding towards the horizon, and I have just photographed a painting of two dikkops (nka thick-knees) looking back at me from the edge of the night, I have checked the colour matching with the original, and am now preparing the image for posting to my blog.

This painting has been an enormous challenge, the complexity of the grass and the strong counterpoint have demanded my fullest attention, not only because I have for a long time wanted to capture this magic moment before it slips away into darkness, that silent transition when the limitations of sight give way to the mysteries of sound, but also because this artwork is number 26 out of 52, signalling the halfway point of the 52 Artworks – A Year in Nature creative journey. And when I push ‘post’ on my control panel, I know that on the other end of the Internet line people will be reading my words and viewing the work, a process which for me has become a complete privilege, with so many kind responses and encouraging comments making those challenging moments in the creative journey just a little easier, and the joys of the process all the more special. So thank you for walking this trail with me, I hope it has brought you some joy in this often challenging world, and I hope you will continue to share this journey with me over the next 26 weeks in preparation for the 52Artworks – A Year in Nature Exhibition next year.

Actually, it won’t be 26 weeks, but 27, as I am going to re-hang my studio (so many artworks – so little space) and take a break this week, so my next artwork posting will be on Tuesday 6 December. In the interim, please feel free to post a comment at this half-way point, it will be great to hear from you.

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