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#30 Resonance

Resonance - Hadeda Ibis (910mm x 760mm Acrylic on canvas)

The Hadeda sculpture posting a while back provoked an interesting discussion around how people feel about the call of this unusual bird, offering an opportunity for deeper consideration, and an invitation to seek an inner resonance with this very evocative call. For although it is heard in the ear, it can also be experienced in the heart, as many of these sounds of Africa are infused with a deeper symbolism and experience, offering us signposts with which to explore another dimension of reality.

Natural sounds can take us to a place of a deeper knowing, for some it might be the call of a fish eagle, the sound of the wind or the gentle splashing of a brook, all different sounds which can take us to a place within ourselves, and in that moment greatly enrich the experience of encountering nature, and reminding us that we are all connected to the earth at a very fundamental level.

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