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#52 Flight

Flight (H1000mm x W950mm x D600mm to be cast in bronze)

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The earth quietens and the dawn chorus settles to a hushed stillness, the grassy plain edged with columns of rock plinths standing proud, awakening to the warmth of the rising sun as another day unfolds in the far reaches of the Cederberg mountains.

A lone buzzard takes off from its vantage point of sandstone rocks overlooking the broad valley, the sweep of its wings opening to the air, launching itself into an invisible world of currents and updrafts, adjusting to gentle nuances of airflow, rocking slightly, touching the wind with the tips of its wings, a silent knowing drifting upon the breath of the dawn. Waiting, till it senses the push of the earth’s rising heat which will give it lift, slowing circling in effortless grace as it surveys the shrinking valley below, and the lone figure of a man as he walks across the plain, looking upwards and dreaming of flight.

Adding the final touches to ‘flight’

This sculpture will be included in the 52Artworks – A Year in Nature exhibition to be held at the Cape Gallery, Church Street, Cape Town from the 8th till 27 October. Please ensure you are on our mailing lists (noelashtonwildlifestudio on Facebook, Blog or email) if you wish to know more about this and other events, as well as publications and talks around the 52Artworks journey.

I plan to continue posting events, creative journeys, new paintings, sculptures and narratives to this Blog, so, for now, thank you for joining me on this journey, it has been wonderful as an artist to be able to share my work and words, and to everybody who has made contact, posted comments or just walked this trail of life with me, it has been unforgettable and life enriching.


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