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#49 Hunting Heron

Hunting Heron (L640mm x W160mm x H180mm to be cast in bronze)

It always seems more challenging to speak about sculpture when compared to painting, as the nuances of the third dimension offer such a broad sweep of perspectives, with each view evoking new possibilities. Narratives can therefore restrict the viewer into finite responses, whilst the unadorned observer is free to respond to the piece in their own subjective space.

It is interesting to see how the same work is perceived by different people, each bringing their own history and emotional and experiential processes to  the sculpture.  This is of course amplified when the piece is not purely figurative and incorporates interpretative elements. And so it is with #49 Hunting Heron, a journey which for me began with a sketch, but during the process of sculpting shifted and altered till the circle was closed and the final result surprisingly similar to the original concept. But what I see is probably completely different from what is before you now, aspects which make sculpture really challenging, and rewarding for the artist…

Owning a part of the 52 Artworks – A Year in Nature journey

Artworks for sale – the artworks created during the 52 week  journey will be for sale at The 52Artworks Exhibition to be held at the Cape Gallery from 8th – 27th October. Please make sure we have your details if you wish to be notified of these events.

Limited edition signed prints of the paintings are now available, and can be viewed or ordered here: prints

52Artworks – the Words. A beautiful A5 book is being planned which will offer a selection of the narratives superimposed on many of the paintings from the 52 Artworks year. More information on this special publication will be available soon.

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