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#27 Flycatcher

Flycatcher (510mm x 610mm acrylic on stretched canvas)

Recently we have been implementing a project in the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens where, walking the paths late in the afternoon has brought me into contact with the little flycatchers, flitting from branch to branch in search of invisible insects on the wing, an aerial acrobat faster than the eye, but then pausing long enough on favoured perches for us to size each other up, till another morsel flies by and my presence is forgotten.

Being back in the studio after a week has been an interesting experience, for it meant taking a break from my preferred creative rule of working at least a bit every day, a practice recommended by many of the masters. Although I did tweet  ‘give an artist a break and they will spend it in the studio’, I did strive to keep my hand in, for I have found that to give your creative best requires a state of total concentration, a tuning of the senses, and it was surprising how difficult it was in the beginning to focus my full creative energy on this little flycatcher, not that I am complaining, as I enjoyed the process and am really motivated for the second twenty-six artworks of my year in nature.

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