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The last whale bronze before a new artistic journey begins

Right whale breach A6300r

Right Whale Breach 240h x 140w x 105mm Bronze on marble

Yesterday my latest bronze of a breaching Southern Right Whale returned from the foundry, a commission from one of my collector’s in the UK. Once again Jean of the Kalk Bay Foundry did himself proud, brilliantly casting and patina-ing this little whale which has quickly become one of my favourites. Next week it will be hand-couriered to London where it will join my First Breath sculpture on a mantelpiece.

But with each ending comes the potential of a new beginning, and next week I will also be writing the first post of my new artistic journey, a project which is going to call on all my abilities, no doubt much blood, sweat and tears in search of artistic expression, basically just another day at the office! Actually this is going to be a very serious and focused endeavour, about which much will be revealed over the coming weeks…watch this space!


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