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The Baboon in bronze

#40 Baboon ( H250mm x W180mm x D160mm bronze)

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#40 The Baboon has just returned from the foundry, ready to be packaged and shipped to the Netherlands, number 1 in a limited-edition of 50. As a sculptor the return of a piece from the foundry is very exciting, as, till this point, the outcome of a sculpture in bronze can only be imagined. Once again the crew at the Kalk Bay Foundry have done themselves proud and I am looking forward to this piece arriving at its new home… If you are interested in the casting process, click on the ‘Into the foundry’ link under Recent Posts in the right-hand column – this shows Mapungubwe Revisited being cast.

#40 Baboon ( H250mm x W180mm x D160mm bronze)


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