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#25 Field Mouse

Striped field mouse (910mm x 610mm acrylic on stretched canvas)

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As the path of the sun travels south and the days begin to lengthen, dawn brings with it the signs of spring and the season of renewal, green shoots awaken to the coming warmth and the flowers in the fields sway in the gentle breeze. Morning find us out at the back of the house where the land is untended, an untamed wildness where life is given full expression;  dancing  butterflies and the song of birds, where frogs find shelter and nasturtiums ramble over almost everything.

Most mornings, as we sit quietly sipping our tea, a little face suddenly appears under the weathered log, surveying the land and sizing us up before scampering across the clearing and back into the undergrowth on the other side, and if we are lucky, soon to be followed by the rest of the family. As summer progresses, this little family of striped field mice become accustomed to our silent presence, and we are able to enjoy more of their hidden lives, but we know that if we make a sudden movement, they will be gone, only to reappear the following dawn when the butterflies dance and the birds are singing, and the sun is moving south towards the tropic of Capricorn.

News. Last weekend 52 Artworks was given some great coverage when Ian Jones from Radio Canada International interviewed me on the Maple Leaf Mailbag, a programme which is heard on shortwave and syndication around the world.

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