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#17 Bat-eared Fox

Bat-eared Fox (1020mm x 760mm acrylic on stretched canvas)

Have you recently paused, and listened to the sound of the wind, not as it whistles around the eaves of the house or tumbles a plastic bag down a city street, but rather to the notes tuned by the bough of the camel-thorn tree, or the tuning forks of the yellowwoods’ leaves, for to listen to the wind is to be reminded that each tree, each valley, each place on earth has its unique tone, notes not heard until we remember to listen.

And by listening, and by becoming aware of the other senses, we engage in the present, for now we are in-tune with the world, the sensation of sounds, the scent of the earth as we walk along its way, the fresh taste of the tannin-enriched waters of the stream; no longer is there the space for the mind to distract us into the future or take us back to the past, there is only the now and its depths of experiences. By tuning in to the senses the world around us becomes very real.

It seems natural for me to speak of listening when sharing my latest painting of a bat-eared fox, for few other small mammals can suggest such a focused attention as one of these little foxes as they pause along their jaunting way, and listen, all engaging, such a wonderful metaphor reminding us to do the same.

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