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#16 Rock Kestrel

Rock Kestrel (760mm x 910mm acrylic on stretched canvas)

There is a place that I return to each year, high up in the mountains of the Cederberg, a place where, in the silence of the dawn I witness the hidden lives of genets and porcupines, and many others that tell their stories in the soft African sands. It is a place of sacred geometry, where the painted caves of the ancient San are in perfect alignment with the geology, where the whisper of the grasses fill the vast spaces of the endless skies as I walk upon the land, and with time I come to remember the deeper knowing that this land gives me, an inner sense of connection, of belonging.

And as I walk the sandy track, from upon a sandstone buttress a little kestrel watches me, its rich russet chest blending with the beautiful tones of these weathered rocks, motionless, watching, just a slow pivot of the head as I pass along my way. In this vast silent land everything has its place, and each time that I return, the kestrel is upon the rock, making my experience complete, for without the kestrel, this land would seem lonely.

This painting is available as a limited edition signed print. To place an order, or for more information, visit The 52 Artworks Collection

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