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#6 Genet

#6 Genet (760mm x 1020mm acrylic)

In Africa, with the coming of the darkness, a very distinct group of mammals make their appearance, their silent ways under the cover of darkness keeping  their lives hidden from our sunlit world, and it is often only through their tracks that we become aware of their presence. I have often followed these stories in the sand, the tiny claw-marks in the footprints distinguishing a mongoose from a genet, and the scufflings of the porcupine distinctive and deliberate, fascinating lives that unfold as the trail is followed, till it too disappears, and the trail of the imagination is lost as well.

To observe genets in the wild takes patience and persistence, but often, as our campfire dies down at the end of an evening in one of the national parks, a sudden movement out of the corner of the eye brings them into focus. In time, and with no hasty movements on our part, they usually gain the confidence to scavenge around the camp, following scent trails to invisible morsels, before disappearing back into the night as silently as they arrived. These are the experiences which make camp life so special, unique moments and encounters which bring us into contact with a few of the many of the lives that share our planet.


This painting will be available as a limited edition signed print. To learn more about the 52Artworks Print Collection, please go to the Prints and Sales link.

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