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#50 Duiker

Duiker (710mm x 890mm acrylic on canvas)

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Do you know of the silent hour before the coming of the sun when the million stars of the Milky Way’s path carry the imagination beyond the now and into the depths of the infinite?

Do you remember what it is to walk barefoot upon the earth and sense that you are at one with these ancient soils of Africa, connected across time in a land where man first rose with the dawn and followed these same paths, and can you find him within your deepest memory?

And do you remember what it means to be silent and to touch the earth, not with you hands but through the echoes of your soul and the breath of consciousness, making visible your connection to the world around you, where the song of the wind and flow of the river are as much a part of you as the call of the owl on a windless night?

And turbulent skies and scent of the first rains not a signal to take refuge, but an invitation to encounter the world and rejoice in these gifts of the now, for without knowing the rain we shall be blown away like a dying discarded husk, tumbling towards an endless nowhere.

Do you wish to know again the sense of being fully alive and not lost in our rush towards tomorrow, those parts of you now hidden but fortunately not forgotten, waiting for you to walk upon the ancient soils of Africa with the warmth of the sun upon your back, or to sit at the fireside as a full moon rises over the plain, and to listen, for in the silent spaces between heartbeats you will know again what it means to be human, blessed by every dawn and moved by every dusk, alive and complete in a world of infinite possibility.


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