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#48 The King

The King (760mm x 1020mm acrylic on canvas)

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There is a far off place where the lion still roars, shattering the night and breaking the back of the moon, a place where man still lives alongside the rhinoceros and the raven, each knowing their part within the cosmic dance of survival. It is here that to walk upon the land is to be in the present, connecting with the forces of life and death, where a shadow in the grass must be made conscious through the pathways of the imagination, and the tracks in the dawn still speak to the continuity of each day. It is a place where man understands his humanity, and it is here that he feels most at home.

As I sit at the fireside under the rising African moon I am thankful that there is a place where the lion still roars, for if the earth ever becomes silent, we will forever lose a part of ourselves.

The 52Artworks – A Year in Nature Exhibition

The culmination of the 52Artworks journey will be an exhibition to be held at The Cape Gallery in Church Street, Cape Town between the 8th and 27th October 2012. An exhibition walk-through event is being planned.

If you wish to receive notification of this or any other Wildlife Studio event, please stay in touch via my website at  or follow (like) on Facebook at


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