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#33 Klipspringer

Klipspringer (1020mm x 760mm acrylic on stretched canvas)

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It was late afternoon when the head of the storm reached us, the clouds tumbling overhead and casting shadows that chased each other across the landscape, showers like the legs of the rain-bulls of the San connecting the earth to the sky, shades of grey and brown fusing and diffusing right before our eyes, light and dark, cold and wet, inspiration and exhilaration bottled into a massive cold front as it sweeps across the Cape, sending leaves and tumbleweeds into pockets of shelter before being plucked out and sent on their way. The Cape of Good Hope gives way to the Cape of Storms, drawing us into this endless turbulence of air, water and light.

And then, in the midst of it all we saw them, two klipspringers, momentarily etched on the solid skyline of a hill before the curtain closed and they were gone – five seconds that have lasted forever.

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