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#23 Ocean Travellers

Ocean Travellers - Southern Right Whales (h240mm x b290mm x d190mm)

Every year, during the time of the twin constellations I cross the mountains and wait at the edge of the sea, looking out for the blows and breaches that will signal the return of the whales, those great ocean travellers that have followed invisible pathways across the endless southern oceans and brought them here, to the sheltered bays at the foot of the vast African continent. Winter at the Cape is the time of the whales, where the bays become giant nurseries when the calves are born, offering me opportunities to spend time with these magnificent mammals only separated from us by the surface of the sea, time to watch and study them, and time to capture these experiences in paintings and sculpture.

The completion of ‘Ocean Travellers’ marks the end of many weeks of work behind the scenes, now coinciding with the annual Two Oceans Aquarium whale-watching field trip which I led on Saturday, an opportunity to introduce another group of people to the whales, and to spend time with these gentle ocean giants.

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