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#20 Mongoose

Mongoose (1020mm x 760mm acrylic on stretched canvas)

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Although the posting of artwork # 20 does not mark a significant quarter or half-way mark in the 52 weeks, it still does feel appropriate to reflect on this journey so far, and the single aspect that immediately stands out is the total immersion that this project has asked of me. Each week is centred around a focused intent, living, exploring, understanding and creating an artwork, the process becoming the central core around which my life revolves in order to not only reach the deadline, but to also keep the presence of mind to continually give it my best. As an artist this has needed complete dedication, the creative experience dictating the truth that life and art cannot be separated, and my emotional, psychological, and physical spaces have all needed to orientate themselves towards giving the best that I have to offer.

Of course, with this level of focus, Belinda has become very much a part of the process. This week’s painting of the mongoose has not only demanded a total dedication on my part, but Belinda has, as always, become a part of it as well, going out to look at mongooses as they go about their secret lives, sharing time in the field, and returning to the studio where the mongoose in the painting has even been given the name ‘Mischief’ – an indication of how central and much a part of our lives each bird or animal becomes. And then at the end of each week we share it with you, our readers, and really appreciate the feedback that we get. Thanks for your comments and responses, they are much appreciated. Please feel free to continue sharing the posts with family and friends – the more people we reach, the more chance we have of helping them see the wonderful world in which we live, and raising awareness, hopefully on a deeper level.

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