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#15 Painted Horse

Painted Horse (760mm x 910mm acrylic on canvas)

For the past few weeks we had not been able to get good sightings of the new foal at Cape Point in the national park, but finally, whilst leading a guided nature walk, we managed to get closer (but still with a respectful distance between us), and I was once again reminded how extraordinary these painted horses are, quite unlike anything else on the plains, striking in their colours and contrasts, and surprising in their ability to melt away and blend with the landscape.

This painting was quite a challenge, for the week began at the computer, chasing a submission deadline for our new field guide, diverting away valuable studio time, and bringing the other deadline, Tuesdays’ Blog posting, closer than usual. (You see, dear reader, you have become a deadline too!) And then, as I started the painting, I soon realised that this was going to involve creating two horses, one black and ochre, the other grey and white, and eventually bringing them together and balancing the tones and form, till I stepped back, and a zebra appeared.

This painting is available as a limited edition signed print. To place an order, or for more information, visit The 52 Artworks Collection

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