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#13 Zen Dolphin

Zen Dolphin (height 490mm composites on Oregon pine base)

This little white dolphin is one of those rare pieces which capture an indefinable aspect, in it my soul finds resonance, it may be joy, a sense of the sacred, fluid beauty; intangible aspects lost when seeking descriptions, left brain thinking that tread on its inner power.

So often in my work I speak of healing and reconnecting with our inner selves through the voice and experience of nature, be it in the song of the wind as it is tuned by the shape of a camel thorn tree, the call of a bird as it rises with the new dawn or the sighting of a lone owl as it looks out across the darkened plain. These are the moments I seek as I walk the path of life, for they speak to my inner soul and make it visible. So much of our lives hide this essential part, without it life is like an empty husk that blows before a wind of discontent. But then the rains return and the seed within is nurtured, and life renewed.

It is these special moments which take me to that place that give me the gift of joy, of knowing, of feeling complete. The little white dolphin takes me there. My hands have spoken to me through this piece – for me it is a gift.

Please note – this sculpture will only be released in an edition of 25. For more information, visit The 52 Artworks Collection

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