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The Whale and Dolphin Fine Art Sculptures

Sculpting whales and dolphins is to approach a duality in the creative process, for three dimensions can give voice to the incredible fluid grace and form of these extraordinary mammals of the deep, but the challenge is to find weightlessness within the robust medium of bronze - to lift the sculpture from its base and offer it a sense of freedom.

Noel 2019

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Gliding By  -  Humpback Whale

Bronze edition of 6

In 2008 the Sacred Ocean sculpture was unveiled by Archbishop Tutu in the foyer of the prestigious Two Oceans Aquarium. Suspended from the whalebones in the centre of the sculpture were two humpback whales. When the adult whale was cast, it was discovered that Noel had achieved a perfect balance with this piece as it stood perfectly on its single flipper. A limited number of these iconic sculptures were released to commemorate this groundbreaking programme.

SRW & CALF aerial original.jpg

First Breath - right whale mother and calf

Bronze edition of 12

In the silence of the ocean a mother right whale supports her calf to the surface for its first breath of life giving air. Each year the whales return to Walker Bay to give birth in the sheltered waters of this spectacular ocean sanctuary, an annual winter event which offers hope for this captivating species.

First Breath in bronze by Noel Ashton_ed

On the Brink - The race to save the North Atlantic Right Whale

The privilege of being able to spend time with the visiting southern right whales along the South African coast brings into focus the stark contrast with the North Atlantic right whale which is critically endangered, two very similar species but with a very different prognosis. 

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Getting air - Bottlenose dolphins

Southern Right Whale breach bronze.JPG

Southern Right whale breach

Last glimpse

Special Commissions

Anthony Hamilton-Russel and Southern Right Cellars produce a wonderful collection of wines in the Hemel-and-Aarde valley behind Walker Bay. They commissioned a small bronze right whale to offer as personal gifts for their valued clients.

A special casting of a deep diving sperm whale as a corporate gift for a company in New Zealand.

The much sought after De Beers Marine Heaviside's Dolphin statuette. Cold Cast, with a diamond in the blow-hole, and placed on the rock in which the diamonds are found and which still glitters with tiny fragments!

The Studio Pieces

Great Whales of the World Series

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