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Natures Pathway

A guided journey back into nature, and home to ourselves

 A New Online Programme for 2024

It is in seeking a deeper sense of connection and belonging in the natural world that we begin to feel less apart and separate, and become an integral part of life at its fullest expression. And along the way we can become more connected to our own inner selves, offering us a richer and gentler experience of life.

Do you know of the fox in the shadows that silently watches as you pass by, or the haunting song of the curlew that speaks of the turning of the tide?

Can you hear the rhythm of the earth in falling droplets of rain and the softening of the season in the rustling leaves during a full moon walk, or witness the return of the swallows as a gift of spring's awakening? 


And in the silence of these encounters do they awaken something deep within you?

Noel Ashton Fox painting 2 web.jpg

For over 40 years Noel has developed a deep and profound understanding of our connection to nature by looking closely at what it means to truly engage in the moment in a mindful and meaningful way, inspired by ancient indigenous cultures and their relationship to the land.

Natures Pathway is an online guided journey which offers these teachings and, combined with his original artworks, symbolic sculptures, narratives, engaging stories and insights, will guide you towards developing a deeper connection to the earth, and along the way, to discover what it means to live as an integral part of the wider living world.


'The core proposal at the foundation of Natures Pathway is the understanding that it is not nature that offers us a calm and gentle space, it is nature that offers us the space to find the calm gentleness within ourselves, for it is an intrinsic part of who we are. And, as we come to understand this, we begin to know ourselves better.'  Noel,2024

Follow this link to Natures Pathway at The Journal of Mindful Nature

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It is when we awaken to our inner selves,

  that our pathway becomes clear,

       and lasting change is possible.



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