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"The Storylines - those unfolding pathways across the landscapes of our lives,invisible journeys in search of who we are, so that we can return to gentleness in a world of belonging

Storylines is a members-only programme which invites you to pause amongst the business of the everyday, and to breathe into a moment of quiet silence.

It is here that I offer you the opportunity to become a part of the complete Rosetta naturae journey, for as each of the fifty-two artworks are completed, and their narratives, thought-journeys and stories are combined into the visual signposts of the storyteller, they will be delivered directly to your inbox each week for the period of a year. It is a subscription style membership that you can join or leave whenever you wish, (but I hope you will stay with us as the journey unfolds and the exhibition is launched)

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There is a fleeting beauty in natures’ unfolding which invites a pause into moments of gentle calm, and in this quiet space there is held natures gift,

For by slowing our pace to the speed of walking, the chatter of the mind settles upon the trickling of a stream or the gentle calling of a dove.

And in these quiet moments we can begin to rediscover a space of quiet joy, and a pathway home towards our settled selves,

Moments which hold within them a reflection on our direction of travel, and a chance to re-align this with our kinder and gentler natures.


Beginning at the spring equinox in 2023 this is a journey that not only follows the creative vision of a nature artist as he seeks to share the nuances and details of nature though the seasons, but it also an invitation for you to engage with the wonder and beauty of the world , an unfolding creative journey which will culminate in the launch of the exhibition in 2024.  (to which, as a valued member, you will receive a special pre-invitation)


These postings will not only offer you an opportunity to celebrate nature, but they will also invite you to  pause and reflect on your own life along this unfolding journey. It is an invitation to begin a journey home, for by finding that silent space within yourself held by natures calm belonging, we can begin to seek answers to how we fit into this larger living universe, and how we can bring our own unique selves to the fuller experience of life.

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Robin by Noel Ashton.jpg
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"Although silent and without words, artworks can speak to us. And, if at first they appear to be inanimate and un-moving, they hold within them the gentle power to touch our hearts, and this can help us to see ourselves, and the world, differently.

For I have come to see that they have a unique way to touch our souls, to take us on journeys and to help us heal , and to then bring us back to the joy hidden deep within our waiting hearts."

 an artist with a poetic soul...

What I love about you is...Michaela

"what this special members space offers you

Each week for the period of a year as the programme developes you will receive a email newsletter with the original artwork and thought narrative...and maybe a video or two


your own members only access website page/instagram account as an unfolding exhibition of the released works for you to revisit


A  newsletter...


pre-evenmt notifcations


special discounts

knowing that you are a part of a unique and engaging environmental initiative, with your subscription offering financial support towards its development

                               Special Note - see NUMBER 52 below

a special invitation to the Rosetta naturae exhibition and talks...

Number 52

Number 52 is the working title for the fifty second (and final) artwork of the Rosetta naturae series, its actual title being held till it is released. This is a very special sculpture which encapsulates over thirty years of a deep reflection on our relationship with the environment, and an offering of a fresh approach to seeking solutions to our present day environmental challenges. The origins of this sculpture can be traced back to a conversation I had with Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu when he launched and unveiled my Sacred Ocean sculpture and initiative at the Two Ocean Aquarium. a conversation that cemented my confidence in the approach that I had been developing for many years.

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