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The storytellers of Africa speak, not that we shall listen,
         but that we shall remember


But how do we remember ...

in a world that has forgotten so much ?

"It could be said that it is the sculptures which give the Storylines a physical form, the tangible presence of a touchstone,but in fact it is the sculptures themselves which are the signposts, guiding the thought-journeys in search of what it means to be human in these challenging but exciting times, and the quest for meaning, joy and relevance in our individual lives".

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“We are born without any answers, and will spend our lifetimes in search of who we are and how we fit into this magnificent and mysterious world. I firmly believe that it is a life purpose of each of us to share what our lives have revealed to us, the gifts and insights gained along our life-journeys of discovery, and made into humble offerings so that they might be of value to others as they navigate the trails of their own unfolding lives. This is a touchstone of our common humanity.“


The Storylines – those unfolding pathways that cross the landscapes of our lives, invisible journeys in search of who we are, so that we can return to gentleness in a world of belonging.

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