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#5 Storm Tern

#5 Storm Tern (height 50cm composite materials on driftwood base)

Winter is when the Cape of Storms lives up to its name, as cold fronts cross the vast Atlantic and release great walls of raging water upon our shores, a time when people hasten to fasten their shutters against the rattling of the winter winds and settle down next to warming fires. These are the times when I venture out to the rocky outcrops at the Point, for with the turbulence come the ocean birds, the mighty albatross , the sooty shearwaters and flocks of wheeling gannets, and amongst them all, the little terns, dancing above the wave-tips or banking into the sudden gusts. All is fluid and flowing, everything responding to the energy in the water and the wind till the front passes us by, and calm returns.

Capturing these experiences are a real challenge, and so Storm Tern has become a sculpture, a single moment amongst many as the little tern banks into the next gust, its wingtips just above the turbulent sea, its flight rising and falling with the swells, disappearing into giant troughs before generating new lift over the next crest. And then it is gone, turning sharply and allowing the full force of the gale to carry it away to distant waters further along the coast.

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