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Throughout my life I have been in a search to understand what it is that offers us a life well lived, but the pace of the world and its unrelenting rush towards tomorrow often left me bewildered and lost. It was through my journey as an artist, writer and poet that I sought the quiet spaces of nature as places to pause and reflect, and it was here that I began to discover what I sought behind a world of too much noise.

A moment to pause...

and time to reflect.

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Do you know of the fox in the shadows that silently watches as you pass by, or the haunting song of the curlew that speaks the language of your soul?

Can you hear the echo of your heartbeat in the falling droplets of rain, or witness the return of the swallows as a gift of spring’s awakening?

And in the silence of these encounters do they also awaken something deep within you?

For each moment holds within it the possibility of inviting us to a fuller and richer experience of life.

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We are born alone and unknowing, and our lives are, at their essence, an unfolding search for what it really means to be a human being, of who we are, and how we fit into this magnificent but mysterious world.


Most modern cultures do not invite us to pause, or to seek answers to these pivotal questions, but without this journey of inner self discovery, the pathway to finding lasting joy, meaning and connections in this world remain hidden from us, and our relationship with the natural world becomes fragmented at best.

Ever since I was young I have sought answers to these questions, guided by my own need to make sense of the world around me, and driven by the wish to reach out to the people who were clearly struggling to make sense of their own lives in such a rapidly changing world.

It is in the quiet space of my studio that I have found a way to give voice to my own search and understanding, inspiring a series of sculptures and artworks that speak of these journeys of discovery,

But it is also in this quiet space that these sculptures have become signposts, guiding a deeper silent reflection around the deeper sense of who we are, each as unique human being trying to make the best of our lives in often difficult circumstances. These journeys have taken me to the very core of my being and have resulted in a series of essays on the thought-journeys that each artwork has inspired.

Over time I have come to see that a central thread of being human is to share, it is in fact sharing and caring which define our humanity, so over the years I have offered these artworks and stories as a way to reach out and hopefully touch other peoples lives as well.

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Rosetta naturae

A celebration of nature along a pathway home

In the same way as the Rosetta Stone helped us to understand something lost through time, Rosetta naturae offers us an opportunity to remember what it means to walk upon the earth with a sense of belonging, to celebrate nature through the seasons, and along the way to begin to rediscover who we are and how we each uniquely fit into this magnificent but mysterious world.

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When I feel an unsettling, a loss of direction or balance as the world rushes towards tomorrow, I return to nature, to the silence of the earth and a space to think and reflect, or to walk into the gentle birdsong green of the English countryside. And along the way I find a slow return to myself, a calming settling place of the heart. For as I begin to notice the changing seasons, the ebb and flow of life held in the flight of a swallow or the turn of a leaf, I awaken, for it is like a coming home, not only into nature, but also to myself.

At first I realized we had forgotten how to return in fullness to this ancient home, and I learned to follow the tracks that cross the landscapes, etched through time by the passage of game and many others, from the first peoples till now, and I began to remember what it was to walk upon the earth with a sense of belonging. For in these tracks I saw my own footprints.

I took questions with me, and in the silence began to see a deeper shift within myself as answers to some of life's important questions became clearer, of who I am, and how I fit into this magnificent but mysterious world. Not only in nature, but also in the world of mankind.

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Curiosity - Young Fox by Noel Ashton.jpg
Swan by Noel Ashton.jpg
Wren by Noel Ashton.jpg
Hare by Noel Ashton.jpg
Swan by Noel Ashton.jpg

A journey that began as a search and a celebration of nature became a pathway towards a better understanding of myself.

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Rosetta naturae seeks to share these unfolding stories by offering a virtual pathway for you to walk with me. My vision, of combining artworks, narratives, thought-journeys and essays that are published each week over the period of a year, is to offer an experience that not only celebrates nature through the changing seasons, but it is also a space to pause and reflect along a pathway that can eventually lead to a journey home and the joy and purpose within ourselves.



And, at the end of the year, when the paint has dried, the sculptures cast and the words all written, an exhibition will bring them all together into the celebration of nature within the cycle of the seasons. And at its' center, the Rosetta naturae sculpture


I am creating ways that you can share in this journey through the year towards the exhibition, so if you wish to find out more, or to walk this unfolding journey of discovery alongside me, sign up for the newsletter, follow on social media, or if you want something really special amongst like-minded seekers, join Storylines by following the link below.

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Join Storylines...

Storylines link.jpg

Join Storylines...

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To enter the space of nature is to recover a sense of a calm quiet belonging,

As this is not only a time of reconnecting with the natural world,

                           it is also a reconnecting with ourselves.

And in this moment there is held an invitation,

                       to find a way back to the joy of who we really are,

Back into the calm silence hidden behind a world of too much noise.

Reconnecting with nature      Remembering who we are      Rediscovering our common humanity

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It is in nature that I find a wild, gentle, raw and soothing beauty -

this is what I celebrate as an artist

And it is here that I find the quiet space to begin to understand who I am,

and in this reflective place, to reconnect with joy and rediscover my humanity -

this is what I seek as a human being.

It is in offering these experiences and sharing these stories with others

that I find my life's purpose


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The storytellers of Africa speak

not that we shall listen,

but that we shall remember

but how do we remember

           in a world that has forgotten so much


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