I believe that there is a different way of being which has been lost in our modern lives of continually rushing towards tomorrow, for we seem to have forgotten aspects of ourselves which give our lives a sense of true purpose and context. I have learned to see how the inner self offers each of us a sense of knowing, a compass which directs us back to our genuine authentic lives, for by re-engaging with this we can to slow down to the pace of walking, and steer ourselves along our own path that offers the way to our fullest potential.

Let us not show ourselves as others wish for us to be seen, but to rather make visible who we really are, for this is the path to relationships that are nurturing of us as individuals, and honours each of us as a unique human being.

Since launching Sacred Ocean in the Two Oceans Aquarium in 2008, Noel has been searching for answers to understand the dichotomy of the human condition as expressed by this anti-whaling sculpture: of people coming together to try and save the lives of stranded whales, whilst others brutally kill them using explosive-headed harpoons. Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, who unveiled the sculpture spoke of this when he said - “it is for our own sakes, even more so than for the whales that we need to recover our humaneness, our humanity and our ubuntu, it is time to say no, no, no! to the killing of whales”, words that echoed with Noel’s sentiments that there was a much deeper crisis playing itself out in the world, and that the time had come to pause and carefully consider the fundamental questions facing us during this time of change.

HumanNature offers the reader an invitation to travel along a journey of remembering. By combining the iconic imagery of sculpture with the imagination of the storyteller, the reader is invited to encounter aspects of the self which define our humanity, and have become lost in our modern frantic world of rushing towards tomorrow. By slowing down and engaging with the stories, the reader is offered opportunities to re-discover their own unique truth.

HumanNature offers us an opportunity to better know ourselves, and through this knowing, to offer a chance of a life of deeper fulfillment and meaning.

A thought-provoking reflection on our place in a changing world.