Noel Ashton has the seeking mind of a scientist and the creative soul of an artist and he brings these two facets together in a unique offering for our modern world.

Many threads have been woven into the tapestry which describe Noel’s life, but central to them all is his search to better understand our relationship with the earth, and to share these stories through paintings, sculptures and words, which are brought together into the art of storytelling. Five times author, world acclaimed sculptor and painter and active environmental scientist, Noel has a unique and valuable perspective to share.

His work offers us the opportunity to re-connect with the world around us, and along the way to re-discover forgotten aspects of ourselves.

His profound personal and relentless life-long journey of exploration into himself, art, nature and the human paradigm has culminated in The Nature of Ubuntu.

Through this body of work he extends an invitation to engage, heal and shift the environmental conversation to effect lasting positive change.

“Meeting artist-sculptor Noel Ashton in his studio is a humbling experience. This is a place where sculptures breathe and paintings move. This is a place where art has been taken so seriously that it becomes something complex, something anatomically precise, something real.” (Janis Theron)