As a sculptor Noel focuses his creative energy on subjects which have inspired artists through the ages, including the majesty of the horse and evocative wildlife subjects.


Inspired by the rural landscape, Noel uses acrylic, oils, watercolour and graphite to offer a window into the forgotten silence of the rural way of life.


Five published books have enabled Noel to share his insights and experiences with many people, ranging from intimate encounters with the whales of Walker Bay, to the scientific facts around the world’s cetaceans.


Through honouring his African roots, Noel takes audiences on thought-provoking journeys by following the tradition of the storyteller, offering unforgettable experiences and unique glimpses through the mind of the scientist and the soul of the artist.


A lifelong interest in cetaceans led Noel to specialise as a scientific illustrator, originating a process of morphological mapping that enabled him to create highly accurate scientific illustrations of the world’s whales and dolphins.