Noel’s life has taken him along many divergent pathways, but time has shown that the central thread that has come to define his life is that as an artist responding to the world in which he lives. As an artist his sculptures and paintings are his primary creative outlet, but these have also formed the foundation for other avenues of expression including writing, innovating conservation projects, consulting and engaging with the public through talks, radio and television.

Meeting artist-sculptor Noel Ashton in his studio is a humbling experience. This is a place where sculptures breathe and paintings move. This is a place where art has been taken so seriously that it becomes something complex, something anatomically precise, something real.” Janis Theron

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News and latest projects

MAPUNGUBWE REVISITED | Rhino fundraising initiative with WWF-SA
800 years ago, a little gold rhino was placed in the royal grave at the Late Iron Age Archaeological site of Mapungubwe, 800 years later it inspired me to create ‘Mapungubwe Revisited’. This sculpture not only embodies the magnificent rhino, but also offers reflection on our inter-connected place within the wider living world. Created in partnership with WWF-SA, the initiative was launched in September 2012 at the Mapungubwe Museum, Pretoria. Find out more | Mapungubwe-Revisited

“Noel and Belinda Ashton’s ‘Mapungubwe Revisited’ is a brilliant initiative to honour the rhino. The reverence of the ancient people for this wonderful animal is a sharp reminder to so-called civilized man to ensure that the species survives in our modern world.” Dr Ian Player

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SACRED OCEAN | Global Voices Against the Cruelty of Whaling
For many years I have returned to the edge of the sea to spend time with those magnificent mammals of the oceans, the whales, but these special times were tainted with the knowledge that they continue to suffer at the brutal hand of man. My Sacred Ocean sculpture now stands silently in the foyer of the Two Oceans Aquarium, inviting the world to join me and say no to the cruelty of whaling through the Great Whaling Debate.

It is for ourselves, even more than for the whales, that we need to say No! No! No! to the killing of whales.” Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu at the launch of the Sacred Ocean Campaign

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I have found that mankind’s complex relationship with the whale, ranging from a fascination which draws people to the edge of the sea, and the impassioned response to save stranded whales, in contrast to the brutality of explosive-harpoon whaling, has given me a powerful metaphor with which to explore our relationship with the world around us, and along the way to look closer at ourselves and our social and environmental paradigms.

Journeys in Search of the Whale is a A 55-minute AV Presentation | Journeys in Search of the Whale

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I have spent many years illustrating the world’s cetaceans, which has involved spending time out at sea or along the coast photographing whales and dolphins, creating scientific illustrations and getting to know their behaviours and identification, all of which have been brought together in this new book, published by Random House Struik. Southern Africa has some of the best whale and dolphin watching opportunities in the world - this book is an essential guide to enriching your whale or dolphin watching experience. With a foreword by zoologist and BBC presenter Mark Carwardine.
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